Top 10 Discord Community Questions answered by Ambassadors

When will Acala go live, how much ACA will I receive for my DOT Token and when can I expect the Distribution of my ACA Token?

Acala will go live after winning a Polkadot Parachain Slot.
ACA tokens will be distributed after the parachain slot has been won.
Sadly we don’t know the date or timeframe on this, because it’s in the hands of Polkadot to provide us and the community with a date. But it should be in the near future.

Can I directly stake my KAR/ACA Token in the future?

Most likely not.
KAR and ACA token supplies are fixed and deflationary.
There are no planned or active staking mechanisms.
However liquidity may be deposited into supported LPs for additional yield over HODLing plus potential Incentives.

Why is the kUSD price fluctuating?

The kUSD is designed to be pegged to the US Dollar at a 1:1 ratio through automatic risk management mechanisms and on-chain governance. kUSD fluctuates depending on supply and demand. The more kUSD is used the more collateral it is backed by, which in turn will make it more stable.

BUILD ACALA: Which address do I need to provide to receive my ACA Tokens?

For this Build Acala event, you will use your DOT address in the DOT display format (starting with a “1”) to receive your ACA.

What are the use-cases for the KAR- and ACA-Token?

ACA + KAR will be/are used for Governance, Proof of liveness via parachain staking, paying transaction fees, Capital Reserve backing the stablecoin protocol in order to retain solvency in the event of liquidation(s), and investment in the decentralized Sovereign Wealth Fund (dsWF) for long term sustainability of the Network(s) and of course, LPing which may or may not include incentives.

Which tokens will get listed next on Karura?

All tokens must go through governance approval before being listed. Please stay up to date with current proposals in our forum, also please see the official Karura roadmap.

How does LKSM work and how do I see my staking rewards on my KSM?

LKSM represents the accrual of yield generated by your staked KSM. You can find your staking rewards in your portfolio (w/wallet symbol) at the top left of the Karura app.
More detailed information about LKSM is provided in our Wiki.

What will happen with Karura after Acalas’s Launch and will Karura be connected to Acala somehow?

As a canary network of Acala, Karura serves as a proving ground, for network participants and developers to build on and try out Acala’s governance, stablecoin monetary policies, staking derivatives etc. with real economic incentives. Having gone live first, Karura is also governed by its own community and as such will proceed further, independently to some extent, based upon the wants and needs of its users + suggestions/mandatory improvements & upgrades implemented by the team until such time as total democratic decentralization has occurred.

Can I use my Ledger for my KAR/ACA Tokens?

Neither KAR nor ACA are currently supported by Ledger.

How can I find information about Karuras Liquidity Pools, what are the incentives to be a Liquidity Provider, and what are the risks?

Statistics and more on Karura LPs + TVL can be found at our Karura Stat Dashboard.
All the information regarding incentives, risks and more can be found in our Wiki.

I hope that could clear up some of your questions, if you still have something that is unclear for you or you just want to chat with the Community, check out our Discord: Acala (Official)