Polkawallet Support Acala Network, released a faster Flutter beta version

Why use Flutter to develop?

The previous version tried to develop Polkawallet with React Native, we want to try different frameworks and explore different solutions. Through exploration, we saw that the fluency of the Flutter version has greatly improved, which is a good attempt.

Can other teams make secondary development based on Polkawallet?

Of course, we use a very loose Apache License 2.0, you can make free changes based on Polkawallet. We have contacted some projects to help them carry out secondary development. Such as datahighway.com. Of course, we hope that the project will directly contribute to Polkawallet to integrate its own project so that the integration is shared.

There has the link of Github repository:

What are the business barriers of Polkawallet?

Polkawallet is an open and inclusive project. This means that there may be countless better competitors. We also want to see more excellent competitors.

How can Polkawallet maintain development?

We got grants from Web3 Foundation, at the same time, we are helping Acala Network to develop convenient mobile interactions. At the same time we will apply for Kusama Treasury rewards.

Let’s see what this version can do:

  1. We redeveloped Polkawallet with Flutter, which greatly improved the fluency.
  2. You can create Kusama Network account and use Sr25519 by default.
  3. Import account support Mnemonics, Raw Seed, Keystore.
  4. Import account support Sr/Ed25519, also supports HD Derivation.

  1. Basic balance display and transfer functions, transaction history query, Qr code interaction.

  2. Staking module basic account status information, including: Bonded, Unlocking, Reward, and more.

  3. Staking Operation Records.

  4. Staking account operation functions, including: Bond,Unbond,Reward Type change,Reward,payout reward, and more.

  1. View all Validators details, as well as a running status chart for each validator.

  2. Perform Nominate operation and see a list of your nominations.

  1. Governance module displays information about the Council and can perform voting.

  1. Governance module, Democracy can view the referendum information, and can cast your vote in addition to the lock-up period.

  1. Some basic account settings, such as changing name, password. And can choose network nodes, address prefix, Language.

  1. Support Acala Network account and platform operation function.

Next Plan:

  1. To integrate the governance discussion module likes Polkassembly.
  2. Support for other Parachains account and functional modules.
  3. A new version of UI / UX.
  4. To integrate social identity account recovery.
  5. To integrate ledger.

How to try?

Go to the official website to download the beta version: https://polkawallet.io/#download, available for Android and iOS.

Tip: This app has not undergone security audits and is only used for research and learning, prohibited from storing large accounts. Due to Kusama’s iterative development, Polkawallet needs to be updated frequently for normal use.


Open https://polkawallet.io/ use iPhone Safari , go to download page, Click iOS DOWNLOAD . Version ≥ 0.7.4

Android :

Open https://polkawallet.io/ use Android phone, go to download page, Click ANDROID DOWNLOAD . Version ≥ 0.7.4

View more info of Polkawallet

Website: https://polkawallet.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polkawallet

E-mail: hello@polkawallet.io

Riot: @0xthreebody:matrix.org