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1. Overview

Oracles provide pricing information for assets on the Acala Network. Initially a federated approach is taken to whitelist a number of trusted operators to provide price feeds. We will take a phased approach to decentralizing our oracle system, starting with adding operator to Operator Membership by sudo account, then upgraded to general council approval. We are also following closely with the governance and technical progression in the space, and will gradually improve decentralization while maintaining highest security.

2. Guide for Mandala Test Network

Price feeds on Mandala are rather arbitrary. DOT is set at $300 until a proper market establishes. ACA mirrors MKR price until market bootstrap. Other crypto prices like BTC come from Alpha Vantage.

Below are simple guidelines for

  1. Check Membership
  2. Set Up an Oracle Server
  3. Request for Membership

2.1. Check Membership (via Polkadot-UI)

2.2. Request for Membership

Membership is by invitation only. If you would like to become an oracle provider, please submit your interest here

2.3. Set Up an Oracle Server

The default oracle server we are using is open sourced here. Follow the instructions there to set up environment variable, build and start the server.

  • SUB_KEY_SEED : is the hex raw seed of your oracle server account. Make sure it has enough ACA for transaction fees.
  • SUB_ENDPOINT : wss://
  • PRICE_FEED_INTERVAL_MS : price feed interval in milli seconds e.g. 300000 as 5 minutes
  • FEED_ACALA : as true
  • CONSOLE_LOG : as true for logging

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