Open HRMP cross-chain communication between Integritee and Karura


We proposed to open HRMP communication between Integritee and Karura.

# Summary

We proposed to open a bi-directional channel between Kurara and Integritee. Initially, the main use case will be to Transfer TEER tokens to the Karura chain and back.

# Proposal

The proposal has already been executed:

Events on Kusama:

opening channel accepted paraid 2015 to 2000

opening channel accepted 2000 to 2015

# Technical details:

The procedure for opening the channels was as follows:

  1. Karura propose to request to open Karura to Integritee HRMP channel
  2. Wait until the proposal on step 1 get approved & enacted
  3. Integritee propose to accept the request and request to open Integritee to Karura HRMP channel(Batch call)
  4. Wait until the proposal on step 3 get approved & enacted
  5. Karura propose to accept Integritee to Karura HRMP channel
  6. Wait until proposals on step 5 are approved & enacted
  7. Wait for another session on Kusama for the change to be effective
  8. XCM based cross-chain transfer will be possible at this stage.