Open HRMP Channel Between Karura and Pichiu

We propose to open HRMP communication between Pichiu and Karura.

We propose to open a bi-directional channel between Karura and Pichiu
The two primary use cases will be:

  1. To transfer Karura’s assets to Pichiu.
  2. Transfer PCHU to Karura to open new DEX pairs and integrate with Karura’s suite of DeFi products.

Technical details:

The procedure for opening the channels is as follows:

  1. Karura sends a open channel request from Karura to Pichiu HRMP channel.
  2. Pichiu accepts the Karura to Pichiu HRMP channel and opens a Pichiu to Karura HRMP channel.
  3. Karura proposes to register Pichiu’s assets via [Karura Governance].
  4. Wait until proposals 3 is approved & enacted.
  5. XCM based crosschain transfer will be possible at this stage.

The extrinsics that need to be sent with xcm messages to they can be executed on the relay chain , are:

  • For step 1:
    hrmp.hrmpInitOpenChannel(recipient: 2102, proposedMaxCapacity: 1000, proposedMaxMessageSize: 102400)
  • For step 2:
    The first call is hrmp.hrmpAcceptOpenChannel(sender: 2000) , second call is hrmp.hrmpInitOpenChannel(recipient: 2000, proposedMaxCapacity: 1000, proposedMaxMessageSize: 102400)
  • For step 4: hrmp.hrmpAcceptOpenChannel(sender: 2102)
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