Open HRMP channel between Centrifuge & Acala


Open an HRMP cross-chain communication channel between Acala and Centrifuge to enable token transfers between our chains.


Centrifuge website



There is no on-chain proposal yet; #TBD.

Technical details:

The procedure for opening the channels is as follows:

  1. Acala propose to request to open Acala to Centrifuge HRMP channel
  2. Wait until proposal on step 1 get approved & enacted
  3. Centrifuge propose to accept the request and request to open Centrifuge to Acala HRMP channel(Batch call)
  4. Wait until proposal on step 3 get approved & enacted
  5. Acala propose to accept Centrifuge to Acala HRMP channel
  6. Wait until proposals on step 5 are approved & enacted
  7. Wait for another session on Kusama for the change to be effective
  8. XCM based cross chain transfers will be possible at this stage

Read more on the democratic process and how to participate here .