List movr/kusd on karura

Hello my dear Karura friends,

I like karura a lot, and I wish it to be possible to trade Moonriver.

Please comment, vote for this proposal, make some noise !
Say polkadot instead of good morning for a week :wink:

Ask your dog if knows how to use

Lol, jokes, sorry.

/!\ <!> Who’s with me for moonriver/kusd ??? <!> /!\


Karura can’t choose to do this alone.
It’s need than MoonRiver put in place Cross Chain Transfer inside their Parachain to be in capacity to send MOVR to Karura Network.

I think when MoonRiver want to do it, Karura will be very happy to have MOVR/kUSD pool !

How is that possible to claim to be the defy hub if there is no all coins of parachains tradable ?

Are you serious?

(hint parachains have only just begun)

Edit: On the proposal, I think bringing ETH to Karura makes way more sense. Currently, MOVR is very illiquid. For example only 9% of tokens are staked meaning by staking on collators you can already get 20% APY on MOVR. It doesn’t make sense to compete with this at this stage.

I would propose an ETH pool via MOVR since they are the Ethereum ecosystem parachain. Perhaps even a liquid staked ETH2 pool via this Moonbeam and Lido To Bring Liquid Staking to Polkadot | Moonbeam

Yes I am serious. Defy hub means for me access to tokens of the parachains. That’s not what I feel for now on karura. Is there any technical problem ? Is this an incentive problem ?

This was done for bifrost. What’s different with other parachains that are already working well. Moonriver is doing more transactions per day than any other parachain. Having them in pools would be really nice.

I wish BTC and eth too. I will support that as well.
I participate in kinsugi BTC, and I will of couse participate at astar. I hope they plug soon into karura/acala.

Patience my friend :slight_smile:

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From core dev team perspective, we are all for cross-chain transacting parachain assets, and also follow-on listing these assets. We have reached out to all launched parachain teams to provide technical support to do so if needed.

At this stage it is mainly up to technical readiness for each team to open HRMP channels with Karura to make that happen. Bifrost’s integration with Karura has already proven feasibility on Karura side to support all parachains, so it’s up to each parachain community to decide heir priority.

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