List ARIS/KSM pair on Karura Swap and incentive program for ARIS/KSM liquidity providers


Polaris DAO’s native token ARIS has completed asset registration on Karura, and ARIS transfer between Statemine and Karura has been enabled.


Enable Bootstrap for ARIS/KSM pool at block #1653970 (est. 2022/03/19 15:00 UTC)
48 hours of bootstrapping period ends at #1662610 (est. 2022/03/21 15:00 UTC)
Minimum liquidity target is 2,000,000 ARIS OR 1,000 KSM
Minimum contribution requirement is 200 ARIS OR 0.1 KSM

No trading is allowed during Bootstrap, and trading can only be enabled once the following criteria are met:

The Not Before block #1662610 (est. 2022/03/21 15:00 UTC) has passed AND
Either the pool has 2,000,000 ARIS OR 1,000 KSM in liquidity
Both ARIS & KSM has >0 liquidity
If this referendum passes, and Bootstrap kicks off:

It will start at block #1653970 til #1662610 (roughly 48 hours)
NO trading is allowed during this period
You can contribute liquidity for ARIS, or KSM, or ARIS & KSM at the same time. The actual exchange rate of ARIS/KSM can only be known once the Bootstrap is completed .
At the time of your contribution, you are allocated a number of LP tokens, and indicative LP shares of the pool, which are subject to change as more liquidity is added.
You should only participate if you want to become a liquidity provider for the pool. Please be aware of various risks associated with being a liquidity provider .

If you just want to trade, then please wait till the trading is enabled.

Incentive Program

PolarisDAO has allocated 500,000 ARIS for an incentive program for the liquidity provider of ARIS/KSM pool with total duration of 30 days.

Total Incentives
500,000 ARIS
KAR - There may be additional incentives from the Acala Foundation. TBA if applicable.
Duration: from block #1662610 to #1792210
Loyalty Bonus Percentage: 70%
Claim rewards before loyalty program ends will void loyalty bonus, which is 70% of the rewards.
Claim rewards after loyalty program ends (#1792210) will be eligible for the loyalty bonus.

Additional Links

On-chain proposal: No on-chain proposal yet. Will be created shortly.


As a Karura user, I think we should list Aris/kUSD, and Karura foundation should only provide KAR ( or kUSD ) incentive for kUSD/x-tokens LP pool.



The result of the community vote is to enable the ARIS/KSM pair first, and the voting has closed, enabling the ARIS/KUSD pair can be done at a later date.

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