List AIR/aUSD pair on Karura Swap & Incentive program


This proposal will start the bootstrapping period for trading pair AIR/aUSD on Karura Swap.


  • Enable Bootstrap for AIR/aUSD pool at block 2266477 (est. 7/13/2022 13:00 UTC)
  • 48 hours of bootstrapping period ends at 2278819 (est. 7/15/2022 13:00 UTC)
  • Minimum liquidity target is 1,000,000 AIR OR 10,000 aUSD
  • Minimum contribution requirement is 100 AIR OR 1 aUSD

No trading is allowed during Bootstrap, and trading can only be enabled once the following criteria are met:

  • The Not Before block 2278819 (est. 7/15/2022 13:00 UTC) has passed AND
  • Either the pool has 1,000,000 AIR OR 10,000 aUSD in liquidity
  • Both AIR & aUSD has >0 liquidity

If this referendum passes, and Bootstrap kicks off:

  • It will start at block 2266477 til 2278819 (roughly 48 hours)
  • NO trading is allowed during this period
  • You can contribute liquidity for AIR, or aUSD, or AIR & aUSD at the same time. The actual exchange rate of AIR/aUSD can only be known once the Bootstrap is completed .
  • At the time of your contribution, you are allocated a number of LP tokens, and indicative LP shares of the pool, which are subject to change as more liquidity is added.
  • You should only participate if you want to become a liquidity provider for the pool. Please be aware of various risks associated with being a liquidity provider.
  • If you just want to trade, then please wait till the trading is enabled.

Incentive Program

Altair has allocated a total of 100,000 AIR for the incentive program. 100,000 AIR will be distributed to the liquidity providers during the Bootstrap period (first 48 hours), and 900,000 AIR will be distributed during a 30 days campaign.

  • Total Incentives

  • 900,000 AIR

  • 2,000 KAR

  • Duration: from block 2278819 to 2470133

  • Bootstrap Rewards

  • 100,000 AIR - the Bootstrap rewards will be airdropped to the participants directly after the end of the Bootstrapping period.

  • Loyalty Bonus Percentage: 50%

  • Claim rewards before the loyalty program ends will void loyalty bonus, which is 50% of the rewards. Read more on the AcalaSwap wiki under “Incentive Program”

  • Claim rewards after the loyalty program ends (2470133) will be eligible for the loyalty bonus.

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I support this proposal

+1 to this proposal.

Were the bootstrap rewards distributed, in the topic it mentions straight after the bootstrap, but I never got to receive it.

The liquidity mining program for AIR on Karuraswap is going to end in a few days. What happens afterwards? Is it still possible to provide liquidity or is another governance proposal to extend the rewards needed?