KICO Network to Airdrop 5 Million KICO Tokens to Karura Community

The KICO network will airdrop 5 million KICO tokens to the Karura community, and the kar holding address will complete a snapshot this week.

The initial circulation of KICO tokens is about 300 million, and the total amount of this round of airdrops is 100 million, which will cover the Kusama community, Karura community, Khala community, Parallel community, etc.

In order to promote cross-chain collaboration between Kusama parachain, the KICO network will introduce Karura’s stablecoin KUSD as a fundraising stablecoin and LP stablecoin pair.

The KICO network completed the slot auction this week, and will launch the mainnet next week. Now participating in the testnet experience will also receive airdrop opportunities.

KICO Chain is the Kusama version of DICO Chain. DICO ($DICO) stands for DAO + ICO + Swap. The DICO chain creates a decentralized and governable ICO platform for the Polkadot environment. We provide a decentralized platform, which heavily supports its projects.






It’s a great news !
How it will work for KAR inside a pool ?
Wallet who stake LP token of a pool with KAR inside will be count on this airdrop ?

Thank you !

No Risk - No Fun

Maybe karura community will list the addresses.