Improve Minting Experience

Proposing to lower “LIQUIDATION PERCENTAGE” to 135%, which will be around 75% Liquidation Threshold in terms of Loan to Value ratio. For all available collateral types.

Also proposing to set “LIQUIDATION FEE” to 10%, as all available collateral is high quality and still will remain great demand in liquidation.

This upgrade will help grow the usage of kUSD minting vaults and will cause kUSD supply increase.

Dear Ruski,

If we have liquidation at 135%, for very big vault superiors to 1M, it will be a hard for the pool if these bag became liquidate.
The pool will became so low if the liquidation go inside.

Do you have made some analysis of what will be the result for the pool if big vault became liquidate with this new parameters.

No RIsk - No Fun