Enable CSM, List CSM/kUSD Pair


List Crust Shadow Network native token $CSM on Karura, and list CSM/kUSD pair on Karura Swap.
This proposal also includes some future plans based on top of the first move.


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Step 1

  • Enable token transfer between Karura and Crust Shadow
  • List $CSM on Karura Network as assets
  • List CSM/kUSD pair on the swap, and enable $CSM holders to provide liquidity on swap
  • Earn $KAR for staking CSM/kUSD LP


  • Crust Shadow Network can engage Karura good TVL as it’s one of the running Parachain
  • Crust Shadow Network can bring real storage power to Karura users.
  • After the proposal passed on Crust Shadow end, we can also provide a reward pool to engage $KAR holders

Evaluation of Liquidity Pool

  • Mechanisms for listing new pools: Bootstrap listing, with liquidity mining.
  • List Bootstrap parameters if applicable:
  • Liquidity Program if any: No trading is allowed during Bootstrap campaign.
  • Incentive: In total TBD worth CSM for the first 3 months