Enable CRAB, List CRAB/kUSD Pair

Darwinia Crab is the canary network of Darwinia, supporting Ethereum Virtual Machine. Crab just won the Kusama parachain auction and it is ready to test XCM with Karura.


List CRAB(Crab’s native token)on Karura Swap and open CRAB/kUSD pair.



  • Crab ecosystem is expanding while running a Hackathon with Doralinks, MXEC Pioneer, RMRK, and Crust where many outstanding Dapps are building on Crab including but not limited to DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and Metaverse projects. Opening the CRAB/kUSD trading pair will greatly facilitate the community to be engaged with new applications and bring real use cases to Karura users.

  • Web3.0 Metaverse game Evolution Land is going to launch a new continent on Crab and kUSD asset support would afford users better play to earn experience while showcasing the GameFi use cases of cross-chain interoperability.

  • After the proposal is passed we can also provide a reward pool to engage $KAR holders.


Phase 1

Facilitate and Support the community to bootstrap CRAB/kUSD Liquidy pool as well as other Darwinia ORML based assets.

  • Enable token transfer between Karura and Crab
  • List $CRAB on Karura Network as assets
  • List CRAB/kUSD pair on Karura Swap, and enable $CRAB holders to provide liquidity on Karura Swap
  • Earn $KAR and $CRAB for staking CRAB/kUSD LP

Once $CRAB has LP and been Bootstrapped - Darwinia will refine its bootstrapping technique for its other ORML based tokens, such as $CKTON and $xRING

Phase 2

Expand Karura ecosystem asset to the entire Substrate ecosystem via Darwinia Substrate-to-Substrate bridge, not limited to parachains.

Phase 3

Darwinia will connect, facilitate and support the community to bring ERC 20, BEP 20 Assets via Ethereum-Darwinia, BNB Chain - Darwinia Bridge, and via Darwinia Decentralized Universal token bridge. Allowing Decentralized and permissionless access to Karura by all chains connected to the Darwinia Network.


Denny - Co-founder & CTO of Darwinia
Ran Ji - Product Manager of Darwinia


Dear all,

I’m happy to see a new pool with a token from another project !

Some others project as RMRK have launch 2 pools with kUSD & KSM.
Why the choice of only one pool ? It’s a question to have enough liquidity inside ?

No Risk - No Fun

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Let’s make it Big ! :heart_hands:
Thx for the proposal, the Darwinia substrate-to-subsrate bridge is a powerful tool.

CRAB/KSM would be a plus.

Definitely for the proposal ! :white_check_mark:


I would like very much to see connection with Crab network and Karura network by listing this pair. Both strong builders for the future of Kusama/Polkadot.


Looking forward to seeing Karura and Darwinia Crab assets intermingling on Kusama!


Love to see aUSD on CRAB that would be epic and bring more utility to both projects!!


I strongly support this proposal! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

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