Dedicated validators for Acala

Dear Acala community,

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: tugy@amforc[.]com
  • Twitter: tugytur
  • Element:

Context of the proposal

We would like to run dedicated public validators on Polkadot for the Liquid Staking Protocol to increase rewards and diversification.

One of our validators was already selected by the nomination strategy on Karura, but the rewards for Liquid Staking could be increased if we would switch to multiple dedicated validators which would allow it to enter the active set with a lower stake amount.


About us

We are experienced in running validators since NPoS was enabled. Early last year, we founded our own company which provides dedicated and public staking solutions focusing on the Dotsama ecosystem. The company is self-funded, domiciled and based in Switzerland.

Our Setup

We run our validators in a hybrid-cloud setup as infrastructure as code. By running a hybrid-cloud setup we are not dependent on a single provider or a geographical location and can take immediate actions in case of incidents or regulatory changes.

With our own failover solution and automation, we can bootstrap as many validators as required in a completely new location in under 5 minutes. For this we use our own snapshot solution, which we also made publicly available to anyone who wants to use it ( parasnaps[.]io ).

We monitor and log system-, validator- and on-chain-metrics.

We have an active/passive on-call coverage and alerts are handled according to urgency.

If the active person on-call would not acknowledge alerts in the defined time period, it will be escalated to a backup person.

Historical metrics

Since NPoS the team never had an offline or slashing event. I cannot prove this without breaking existing NDAs, but we can gladly provide the metrics from our public 1kV validator.

Our validator runs significantly above average and close to no blocks are missed as para-validator.

To verify please use our public 1kV validator:

Amforc/1: 1y6CPLgccsysCEii3M7jQF834GZsz9A3HMcZz3w7RjGPpBL

By the metrics provided by the following bot we can verify that during the last time we became active we only missed 4 blocks (out of thousands) in 4 days of being active.

On polkadot.js you can verify that we had an average of 38’200 points for those 4 days.

On this 1kV dashboard you can verify that we never had any faults.


To increase staking rewards by entering the active set as close as possible to the min. bond and increase diversification we propose to run 1-3 dedicated DOT validators (can be more if desired) that would be only nominated by the Acala wallets and our nomination pool (after launch) and afterwards further nominations would be blocked to maximize rewards. Our validators run with only 3% commission.

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