Automated payout bot for Karura LKSM nominator


Polkachu team will develop an automated payout bot for Karura’s LKSM nominator account, if we can be selected into your validator set. The payout bot will ensure timely rewards payout for all validators nominated by your account that are active in an era. As a result, Karura can maximize the rewards compounding.


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Problem we see

Most KSM nominators rely on validator’s diligence to trigger payout and receive rewards. Not all validators are equal. Some will miss timely payments and then lump multiple payouts together in a later era. This is okay for small nominators. However, Karura’s LKSM nominator has a large stake and should ensure that the stake is compounded as much as possible.

We just reviewed your account’s payout history. It seems quite inconsistent because different validators have their own timing to trigger rewards.

How Polkachu can help

We have been running a few validators on Kusama and Polkadot for a while now. To serve our nominators the best we can, we developed a payout bot that monitors our validators and triggers payouts as soon as an era is over. As a result, our nominators always receive payouts the moment an era ends.

We are interested in joining your LKSM validator set. If selected, we will update our payout bot so it will track your nominator and trigger payouts for all of its active validators as soon as an era ends.

Because the bot will track your nominator, it will update the validator set automatically whenever you update/rotate your validator set. In other words, no dev work is needed once the bot is running, even if you update your validator set.

By the way, we have already applied to be your validator through your application form. Thanks for your consideration!