Adding RMRK to Karura

Now that the channel between Karura and Statemine is open, I formally propose adding RMRK to Karura as a swappable token.

This includes two governance motions:

  • accept RMRK
  • list RMRK

Ideally, these would be batched into a single governance motion to speed the process up.

The RMRK token would have the following information:

Property Value
Symbol kRMRK
Decimals 10
Min. Balance 0.01

Would be awesome to see RMRK on Karura DEX


welcome $RMRK to karura

RMRK will be an amazing token to have on Karura! Hopefully it will raise the DAU!

sounds great, lets make it happen.

Let’s do this !
$RMRK listing on Karura will be epic

Agree ! Statemine or XC-20 will be nice new-projects incubate place,
look at ERC-20 in Ethereum.

So should open the channel with Karura and Statemine ASAP !

Fully supporting this idea, being listed only on one CEX (Kucoin) at the moment make it difficult for most people to purchase.

Also I believe this will bring way more volume to lovely Karura DEX <3.

Yes!! Totally supporting the idea! Make it happen.

finally being able to get RMRK on Karura would be awesome!

The RMRK token have been registered by Karura Council.