Adding ARIS to Karura

PolarisDAO proposes to add Statemine asset ARIS to Karura (including accepting ARIS and listing ARIS)

PolarisDAO will conduct token distribution on March 1, 2022 according to the roadmap. ARIS has limited availability as a Statemine asset. Now that the channel between Statemine and Karura has been opened, if ARIS can migrate to Karura, it will get more combination types , Bootstrap and ARIS/KUSD ARIS/KSM ARIS/KAR liquidity pools and liquidity mining activities can be opened in the future. PolarisDAO hopes that Karura, as Kusama’s DeFi hub, will support more Statemine assets to enrich the available asset classes of the Kusama ecosystem.

ARIS Token Details: Kusama & Polkadot Asset Explorer


Excellent and impressively innovative design, it is the first idea on the DotSama network. Our idea will be to be an important Nft Hub to help the DotSama and Rmrk network.

I think this is a great initiative and an insteresting project! would love to see it on karura

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Thanks for proposing. Here’s a guide for listing on the swap Create A New Pool - AcalaSwap
Someone from the team will reach out to help guide you through the process.


Statemine is being upgraded. New instructions are coming soon.

So does PolarisDAO need to wait for Statemine upgrade to complete before submitting a Preimage?

preimage to bridge assets from statemine will change after the upgrade, so will need to wait for that. For other parts of the proposal like listing (bootstrap, incentive) etc. should remain the same, so can start drafting proposals for discussion.


The referendum # 39

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