Acala Community DAO for ACA Staking, grow the Treasury and more

I was curious why this wasn’t proposed on Kurura first as well?

I was about to look for another proposal related to liquidity pool provision but thought it might actually fit in here quite well…

One thing that annoys me in general with DEXs is the inability to complete:
Coin A > single transaction > Staked LP A+B token

Most follow something similar to:
Coin A > sell half for coin B
Contribute 50% A, 50% B to LP
Stake LP token

What i think would be a great option would be to have staked LP tokens available for purchase so that you can go directly from Coin A to staked LP A + B. Thought this might fit in nicely with this AquaDao model which would essentially related to selling back LP tokens for ACA or DOT. Could include a small fee for growing the treasury?