#8 Urgent Runtime Upgrade - bug fix stability fee


Soon after the kUSD launch, a bug has been found on stability fee calculation, which resulted in users enjoying temporarily lower than expected fees, hence

  • the stability surplus share to LPs is stopped temporarily until this bug is fixed
  • a new release is being prepared for this bug fix upgrade

This upgrade contains the following changes

  • Update various runtime parameters (#1279)
  • Enable session manager and remove migration (#1289)
  • Remove transaction-payment migration (#1287)
  • Fix stability fee calculation (#1301)

Technical Details

  • Preimage: parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0x2b021b633da9960ddf22519c5769f1e094a1a617dff0f86133da5e48b47b67e4)
  • Hash: 0xaf44a2b7613a220213f6889df620a426b5b44886f90e0ebfe08f3529a7644b87
  • Please see release notes here
  • You can verify the upgrade by following this guide


This proposal is fasttracked by Technical Committee.
Vote here & read about the democracy process here

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