#3 Karura Runtime Upgrade - Enable KSM as fee, Enable Stablecoin, Enable NFT

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This runtime upgrade consists of the following changes:

  • Enable KSM as fees using existing KSM-KAR Swap Pool, by updating dex fee payment swap path (#1251)
  • Enable Stablecoin protocol related modules, enabling KSM as collateral and setting risk parameters will be proposed after this upgrade is completed (#1263)
  • Enable NFT module, which will allow distribution of NFT tokens, such as Acala Old Friend (#1252)
  • Improve collator-selecton module (#1218)
  • Ensure slashed funds go to the Treasury (#1259)
  • Improve KSM cross-chain transfer fee (#1228)
  • Integrate with orml-xcm (#1215)
  • Add session-manager module (#1196)

This upgrade is a pre-requisite before enabling Stablecoin kUSD and subsequent kUSD pairs in Karura Swap.

The Proposal

The on-chain proposal ( parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0xf27e20fb38b928032141e8c0ab41df566903fee578760c0d9aa68fdccff3a438) ) is now available for vote on Polkadot Web App - Karura parachain.

Technical Details

You can verify the upgrade by following this guide


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