#14 Runtime Upgrade: LKSM as collateral, support Bifrost token BNC

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This runtime upgrade is the technical pre-requisite for enabling LKSM as collateral for minting kUSD stablecoin, and Karura Swap listing cross-chain tokens like Bifrost BNC. The changes in this upgrade includes:

  • Allow LKSM to be used as collateral (#1385). Enabling kUSD minting using LKSM with proposed risk parameters will be in another proposal after this upgrade is completed.
  • Add support for Bifrost native token BNC (#1384).
  • Support incentive for collaterals (#1403).
  • Upgrade Substrate to new version (#1362)

Technical Details

You can verify the upgrade by following this guide

On-chain Proposal


The proposal ( parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0x98188921a4b151c9897c331654465e0f50909234c33a52b039019bd7cac618e1) ) is now available on the Polkadot App - Karura parachain - Democracy section

Read more on the democracy process and how to participate here .