#12 Runtime Upgrade - Enable LKSM (Cap applied, not for public use)

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This runtime upgrade consists of the following changes:

  • Enable LKSM (a cap is applied and the Foundation will use its own funds to mint LKSM before releasing it to the public next week) (#1339, #1341, #1358)
  • Safety mechanism to allow council to pause a type of transaction (#1333)
  • Improve events for crosschain transfer (open-web3-stack/open-runtime-module-library#585)
  • Update events for Swap (#1344)
  • Allow alternative path for internal swap (#1340)


The proposal ( parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0xd41fa796823194d457db5f81cd4b6711b4f7fcba27a132200c486d6a24d9e12c) ) is now available on the Polkadot App - Karura parachain - Democracy section

Read more on the democracy process and how to participate here .

Technical Details

  • Preimage: parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0xd41fa796823194d457db5f81cd4b6711b4f7fcba27a132200c486d6a24d9e12c)

  • Hash: 0x5eb054cb05fcee51e6b5becddac67bad10e8df33e71c653e617e22f18fb6f27a
  • Release page: Release Karura 1.3.1
  • Runtime Wasm here

You can verify the upgrade by following this guide