#10 Runtime Upgrade - LKSM technical reprequiste, bug fix & improvements

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This runtime upgrade consists of the following functional changes:

  • code for Liquid Staking (LKSM), but one more upgrade is expected to enable the full functionality
  • Withdraw liquidity from Karura Swap no longer automatically claims reward, so that users can continue to stake and stay with the Loyalty Program (#1312)

Stablecoin related changes

  • Automatically close auctions with no-bid after timeout (#1282)
  • Improve liquidation pricing mechanism, use ‘Fair Price’ from Oracle when liquidating collaterals on swap
  • Set a max collateral amount when liquidating via the Swap to prevent front-running (#1296)

Oracle related changes

  • Improve oracle price handling (#1276)
  • Fix oracle RPC (#1291)

Other changes:

  • fixes flexi fee issue (#1293) and allow kUSD as fee token (#1314)
  • Support more ProxyType (#1288)
  • Increase governance launch period and reduce deposit for proposal and NFT (#1329)


The proposal ( parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0xd5a5637e5bc5e6658c8afdf03a5a20b677c41fb92918e11397d4931c8174049d) ) is now available on the Polkadot App - Karura parachain - Democracy section

Read more on the democracy process and how to participate here .

Technical Details

  • Preimage: parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0xd5a5637e5bc5e6658c8afdf03a5a20b677c41fb92918e11397d4931c8174049d)

You can verify the upgrade by following this guide