#1 Karura Runtime Upgrade - Disable Sudo & Enable Token Transfers

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This runtime upgrade consists of the following changes:

  • Disable Sudo (superuser) key, and hereafter Karura only relies on the Council and Democracy to govern the network. Read more here.

  • Enable Transfer & Karura Swap (#1202), hereafter native token KAR and other tokens available on Karura can be freely transferred. Also after this, proposals to bootstrap a pool can be submitted. Read more here

  • Improve calculations (#1195, #1198)

  • Enable unsigned transaction for parachain-system (#1197)

  • Update event name mapping (#1203)

  • Ensure account of native token keeps alive after charge fee (#1204)


The proposal ( parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0xd9660e7d73163f7b2e1591c08c60e68f4b47cb85dcba54d55c53b9573876f55e)) is now available on the Polkadot App - Karura parachain - Democracy section

After the 2 day launch period, there will be a 2 day voting period, before scheduled for execution. Read more on the democracy process and how to participate here.

Technical Details

You can verify the upgrade by following this guide